x-vivo - echo of the unseen music video

Echo Of The Unseen music video

Echo Of The Unseen Curious about what the album artwork could mean? Find the answer in our new music video for Echo Of The Unseen. This is the introductory song for our upcoming album Petrichor (Release Date: April 29th 2017)…

X-Vivo- Petrichor teaser - Echo Of The Unseen_cover

Echo Of The Unseen Teaser

Every story has to start somewhere and next week we are going to release a music video for the song Echo Of The Unseen, which is telling the beginning of X-Vivo’s concept album Petrichor. A foretaste of the music and…

Realitaet Live Video

This is the second video of our remix release show performance: X-Vivo Realitaet live from 01/25/2013 at K17 Berlin. Kai called it like that: “The naked, fucked up reality!!!”. Live, your Industrial /Alternative Metal band X-Vivo combines both versions of…

What the hell is X-Vivo

Now it’s time my friends. Time to lift the curtains. Time to embrace this long forgotten answer. “What the hell is X-Vivo?”. Let this wipe through the calamity of your soul and be a bit Vivo today.

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