Petrichor Remixed

Petrichor Remixed Cover
  1. Aphelion (aleX-Vivo Remix)
  2. Hail The King (aleX-Vivo Remix)
  3. Echo Of The Unseen (BIINDS Remix)
  4. The Waves Of The Ocean Are Gone (BIINDS Remix)
  5. Perihelion, Pt. I (aleX-Vivo Remix)
  6. Perihelion, Pt. II (aleX-Vivo Remix)



With Petrichor Remixed arrives a new Remix EP of the Berlin Post-Industrial Band X-Vivo on March 18th 2022. Thereby a couple of handpicked pieces of the album Petrichor from 2017 will be shown from another point of view. Originally it was sheduled to release a new mini-album, but as everyone knows, the pandemic situation made all plans obsolete. For this reason Alex of X-Vivo used this time for Petrichor Remixed and also took on board Nicolo Sommer  from the trip hop/electronic project BIINDS. Nico already made a first remix in 2018 and Alex wanted to develop this project due to this unpredictable situation. The result is a 6 track EP with both aggressive and calm moments by nearly not accepting any genre borders as common for X-Vivo.



Remixes by: Alex Nietzold, Nicolo Sommer (BIINDS)
Artwork: Alex Nietzold
Pictures Photos: Alina Axt


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