Petrichor Remixed – new EP out now!

Today we’ve released our new EP Petrichor Remixed! Thus all tracks are now fully unleashed including the two-part remixes Perihelion, Pt. I (aleX-Vivo Remix)  and Perihelion, Pt. II (aleX-Vivo Remix). We hope you enjoyed the journey to discover our new EP.

You can find the new EP Petrichor Remixed here:

X-Vivo Petrichor Remixed Cover


  1. Aphelion (aleX-Vivo Remix)
  2. Hail The King (aleX-Vivo Remix)
  3. Echo Of The Unseen (BIINDS Remix)
  4. The Waves Of The Ocean Are Gone (BIINDS Remix)
  5. Perihelion, Pt. I (aleX-Vivo Remix)
  6. Perihelion, Pt. II (aleX-Vivo Remix)

Alex comments the last two tracks as following

I was thinking a long time about remixing Perihelion, cause I’ve had so many ideas, which made it nearly impossible for me to put everything into one song. Likewise to the approach of the original song, I didn’t want to loose the progression of a calm atmosphere into a heavy sounding climax. I still wanted to show both sides. In the end I’m very happy with a seamless two-part remix of opposing moods.

X-Vivo Petrichor Remixed Promo 04

Hail The King (aleX-Vivo Remix) [Official Visualizer]

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