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X-Vivo Drummer Dima

New Drummer Dima

Today we want to introduce you to our new drummer Dima. He’s Ukrainian and has been playing with us for a few months now. We had a couple of auditions with drummers in the summer and he was the one…

Petrichor Written In Stains Teaser

Written In Stains Teaser

Next week we will enter the darkest and most violent phase of our story. Written In Stains will be released on march 30th and the teaser speaks for itself. But sorry, not for pussies this time: |XVV| blackness flooding the…

x-vivo - echo of the unseen music video

Echo Of The Unseen music video

Echo Of The Unseen Curious about what the album artwork could mean? Find the answer in our new music video for Echo Of The Unseen. This is the introductory song for our upcoming album Petrichor (Release Date: April 29th 2017)…

X-Vivo- Petrichor teaser - Echo Of The Unseen_cover

Echo Of The Unseen Teaser

Every story has to start somewhere and next week we are going to release a music video for the song Echo Of The Unseen, which is telling the beginning of X-Vivo’s concept album Petrichor. A foretaste of the music and…

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