new EP Petrichor Remixed coming on 3/18/2022

We have good news: A new X-Vivo EP called Petrichor Remixed will be released on March 18th 2022 . Since the kind of forced and still ongoing ‘corona-hiatus’ has a much bigger influence on us than we might have thought in the beginning, Alex decided to use this time to create new music out of already known X-Vivo pieces. He also took on board Nico from BIINDS, which results in a six-track remix EP of our full length Album Petrichor.


Albumcover and Tracklist:

Petrichor Remixed Cover
  1. Aphelion (aleX-Vivo Remix)
  2. Hail The King (aleX-Vivo Remix)
  3. Echo Of The Unseen (BIINDS Remix)
  4. The Waves Of The Ocean Are Gone (BIINDS Remix)
  5. Perihelion, Pt. I (aleX-Vivo Remix)
  6. Perihelion, Pt. II (aleX-Vivo Remix)

Echo Of The Unseen (BIINDS Remix) and further details

It actually began a while ago, when Nico made the remix Echo Of The Unseen (BIINDS Remix). As everyone knows, 2020 created chaos, our original plans have totally changed and over time we decided to make more out of this idea. From now on, we will publish a new track every two weeks of the new EP until its final release. Echo Of The Unseen (BIINDS Remix) is the starting point for Petrichor Remixed. From today on, you can find this song on all well-known platforms:


Alex about the upcoming EP

I’m a big fan of remixing tracks, cause it means you can show another side of a song and form it into something new. This can be very challenging, especially if these are your own songs and you are still very happy with them. Likewise with the benefit of hindsight, you can get fresh ideas around these tracks and for me this is the ultimative playground. Particularly with remixes there are no boundaries. This is my reason to be passionate about creating music. Moreover I’m very happy to also have Nico on the record. Over the time we’ve worked together on various ideas and we also became good friends. I  think he’s a very talented but underrated artist.

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