X-Vivo Petrichor Cover
  1. Echo Of The Unseen
  2. Hail The King
  3. Legion
  4. Aphelion
  5. At The Guillotine Gate
  6. I Walk In The Flames
  7. Written In Stains
  8. The Waves Of The Ocean Are Gone
  9. The Eyes Of The Wolves Awake
  10. The Dust I Breathe
  11. Reviving The Ground
  12. Perihelion


PETRICHOR, the smell that floats in the air when long-awaited rain falls on withered soil. This name was given to the second full length album of the Post Industrial / Alternative Metal Band X-VIVO fromBerlin. With this concept album the band created an image of revival that opposes the cycle of apathy and oppression. PETRICHOR is divided into three chapters that let the listener see through the eyes of a sentient being whose species exists under inimical conditions. The core of the album revolves around the change that this being is undergoing.



Recording, Mixing & Mastering: Alex Nietzold
Artwork: Alex Nietzold
Story Concept: Alina Axt
Photos: Rainer Fahrion


X-Vivo Petrichor Wallpaper Cover

The Art Of Petrichor

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