Aphelion (aleX-Vivo Remix) out now

There it is! Following the announcement of the upcoming EP Petrichor Remixed, we’ve released the new song Aphelion (aleX-Vivo Remix) today. It’s the second published track of this record, which will be out on March 18th 2022.


Find Aphelion (aleX-Vivo Remix) on one of your favourite platforms here:


Alex thoughts about the song:

Aphelion is one of my most favourite songs of X-Vivo and there was no option for me to do a remix EP without this track. Although this is one of the reasons why I like the original so much, it’s far from having a classic song structure. Therefore I wanted the remix to sound a bit more straight forward and less complex, while keeping the industrial vibe.

Pre-Order Petrichor Remixed

You can also Pre-Order the full EP now on Bandcamp to give us support. We will continue to release a new remix every 2 weeks and you will be directly informed with the option to download the latest song. Including the already published tracks Echo Of The Unseen (BIINDS Remix) and Aphelion (aleX-Vivo Remix).

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