Echo Of The Unseen music video

Echo Of The Unseen

Curious about what the album artwork could mean? Find the answer in our new music video for Echo Of The Unseen. This is the introductory song for our upcoming album Petrichor (Release Date: April 29th 2017) and starts with some quieter and athmospheric tones. Watch it on youtube here:

Again you can find this song in our Bandcamp store:

Echo Of The Unseen On Bandcamp

 Startnext Crowdfunding

We finished the design for the new X-Vivo Bandshirt. So if you were undecided to order a shirt or not at our Startnext campaign, this is the direction of the print. You have still 16 days left to support us!

Reminder: Every supporter on Startnext will get all the pre released tracks like Aphelion and I Walk In The Flames for free with a provided download link! This also includes Echo Of The Unseen.

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