Petrichor Cover and Tracklist

Here’s the album cover and tracklist of our upcoming record Petrichor, which will be released on April 29th 2017:

X-Vivo Petrichor Album Cover

X-Vivo Petrichor Album Cover

Petrichor Tracklist:

  1.  Echo Of The Unseen
  2.  Hail The King
  3.  Legion
  4.  Aphelion
  5.  At The Guillotine Gate
  6.  I Walk In The Flames
  7.  Written In Stains
  8.  The Waves Of The Ocean Are Gone
  9.  The Eyes Of The Wolves Awake
  10.  The Dust I Breathe
  11.  Reviving The Ground
  12.  Perihelion

If you want to listen to some first tunes, take a look at our short album cover teaser:

Next thursday, february 2nd 2017, we will release our first song from Petrichor called ‘I Walk In The Flames‘.

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