Album update and new song Catharsis

We are continuously at our homestudio on a regular basis and work on the tracks for our upcoming album. Progress is definitely noticeable, cause nearly half of the 12 songs are fully written.

At this point SPOILER-ALERT: The first song of the upcoming and yet unnamed album is called… ‘Echo Of The Unseen‘. You see things are going well but there’s still plenty of work to do. However, we are on a good way and we are looking forward to presenting you the new album.

But: we will release a song pretty soon, that’s not part of the upcoming album. We speak about the track Catharsis, which we play live since quite a while and we recorded this one in the course of the new album production. This is definitely one of the more aggressives songs of X-Vivo and the official release date is: januay 7th 2015

Attention: Everyone that joins our newsletter until the 06th of january  2015, will get the song Catharsis a few days before the actual release date.

X-Vivo Catharsis cover artwork

X-Vivo Catharsis cover

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