February Summary

Greetings Vivos!

Since our last precious get-together quite a couple of days have passed. In short, it was great back then at the K17 and again “thanks” to all of you who have been there for the release of “Out Of The Smell Of Decay”. What happened since then?

And most of all: “What the hell is X-Vivo?” Relax, salvation is just a few days up ahead.

Over the last weeks we received several reviews for our EP. Some of them challenging but still constructive and others really fuel our engines. What do you think? If you can spare the time please feel free to tell us!

The Live footage of the remix release show including videos and pictures is simply awesome. Some of it has already been posted on different social platforms but we are still editing all the other stuff. Yep, there will be more! Besides this we are still focused to bring our own idea of music video to live and trust us on this, it will happen this year!

Also yours Industrial / Alternative metal band took part in a web-based contest in Austria. And thanks to your votes we made it! X-Vivo was officially on number two and is now in the second round of the Zone1-Contest.

Stay tuned for more!

Yours X-Vivo

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