November Summary

Get ready people it’s finally time to check out what happened around your beloved Industrial / Alternative Metal band during the last weeks. Back in October we promised to keep up our pace and now it’s your time to judge. Brand new things from our vaults, our own special halloween costume competition to get your very own personal version of “Out Of The Smell Of Decay” (you made it Rambo! Congrats!) and the honoring of one of our best (Kaychen!) were just some pieces of the pie. Additionally we had some extra candy in stock for you for Halloween by unleashing “Last Drop (Forsaken Remix)” as our second blast from our upcoming EP.

If you think, there is nothing more for the future let me tell you, you’ve seen nothing! Right now we are busy as hell to get the next big things set. The artwork is set, the pressing on the way and humans will be wired. For what? Time will tell!

Stay tuned, yours truly X-Vivo

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