Summer Sale

We have a summer sale from 09th june 2014 to 23th june 2014 for our Out Of The Smell Of Decay products in our online shop. So for the next…

2013 and Future Plans

First of all we want to recapitulate our 2013. To sum it up we really can say that we had a great year with plenty of action on and beside…

Cæsura (aleX-Vivo Remix) for Biinds

Our guitar player Alex made a remix of the song Cæsura for the audiovisual collaborative project Biinds, which was released today. It’s a track of their upcoming remix album Antiphon. Biinds…

Berlin Music Commission Survey

Berlin Music Commission is asking for berlins best live band and the best song/album of the year 2013. If you’ve seen us live and/or listened to our last years record…

New live Pictures of K17

New live pictures of X-Vivo’s latest concert at K17 in november 2013 are now online. Many thanks to Walter Saget and Silke Kraft-Kugler for the amazing pictures. We also want…

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  • Today is the day and your last chance to get what you ever wanted because at strike midnight our summer sale will be officially over.
  • Only five days left till the end of our home grown 2014 X-Vivo summer sale!!
  • The is not a dump! Protect our World Heritage.